Manage Account

Administrators can add inflight service to their account, cancel services, and view pending requests on this page.

Request Cancellation

Cancel Services

To cancel services:

  1. Click Cancel Services
  2. Select one of the following services to cancel:
    • iOQ
    • Mobility Broadband Service/Card. Note: If you are canceling this service, deactivate all Mobility Broadband cards in the Mobile Broadband Console (by clicking the link provided), or to cancel individual cards, list the serial number (ESN, IMEI, etc) in the comments box)
    • Gogo Inflight
    • Other (if you select Other, specify the service in the comments box).
  3. After Last Service Date, select the date from the dropdown menu (required).
  4. Enter any Comments in the box (this could include services not listed above or individual Mobile Broadband cards).
  5. Read the Terms & Conditions and check the box.
  6. When you are finished, click Submit. Your request will be submitted to iPass, and you should receive a confirmation email once the form has been submitted. If you do not receive a confirmation or a response for iPass within 2 business days, email:


View Requests

To View Requests:

  1. Click View Requests
  2. Select one of the following the Request Type in the drop-down list at the top of the page:
    • Show All
    • Cancel Services
    • Cancel Account
    • Order Additional Services
    • Re-sign contract
    • Set up Authentication
    • Confirm Contract Status
    • Mobile Broadband Card Order
  3. Each request will show the following fields:
    • Order Id: the order identification number for the request
    • Request Type: the type of request
    • Submitted By: the User ID of the requester
    • Submitted On: a timestamp of when the request was made.
    • Action: click View to see the submitted request.

Order Additional Services

This feature allows you to order additional services like: Gogo Inflight and daily CDRs. For more information, please click here.

Go to: Portal Guide > Account Tab


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