Manage Administrators

On the Manage Administrators page, you manage all of your Open Mobile Portal administrator accounts. You can add new administrator accounts individually, or import a list of administrators from a properly formatted XML file. After you have added an Administrator, in the action column next to their name:

The Delete option is unavailable for hosted users who are also admins.
  • Click View to see (but not edit) the Administrator’s information.
  • Click Edit to change the Administrator’s information.
  • Click Delete to delete the Administrator (if available).
  • Click Manage Assigned Roles to change the Administrator’s assigned roles.
  • Click Login History to view portal user login history.

NOTE: If you delete an Administrator and you try to add them later, you will not be able to assign them the same username (you will see an error message that this user already exists). You will have to give them a different username or contact your help desk (iPass may be able to delete the user from the database so that you can re-assign the old username).

Managing Admins


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