Manage Brands

Brand options are supported by clients built for these versions of Open Mobile:

  • All Windows clients
  • Mac clients version 1.2 and later
  • Android clients version 2.x and later
  • iOS clients version 2.1 and later

Once created, you assign the brands you create to an actual client in Manage Profiles.

The Brands list shows the list of your current brands. You can sort on brand status and the date of last update.

On the Manage Brands page you can:

Searching for Brands

You can search your brands by Brand Name to locate a particular brand. The search is case-insensitive, and will return all brands whose names begin with the text you enter.

To search by brand name,

  1. In the Search box, enter the name (or partial name) for which you wish to search.
  2. Click Search. All brands matching your search are presented.

Go to: Portal Guide > Configuration Tab


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