Managing Your Wi-Fi Directories

The Wi-Fi Network Directories list shows all of your current Mobile Broadband directories. You can sort this list by name, version number, or the account that last modified the directory.

  • Click Download to download a directory to your local system.
  • Click Upload to upload a new version of an existing directory.

Uploading a Wi-Fi Networks Directory

Upload your network listings as an XML file. See Creating a Custom Wi-Fi Directory for more information.

A sample directory file is available for download.

To upload a new Wi-Fi network directory:

  1. Create your network directory XML file.
  2. Click Import New Directory.
  3. In Display Name, enter the name of the directory as you would like it to be displayed in the list.
  4. In Directory File, click Browse, and then select the XML directory file.
  5. Click Upload File. The directory is automatically assigned a version number.

Portal Guide > Configuration Tab > Upload Networks


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