Mobile Broadband Usage Rate

The Mobile Broadband Usage Rate shows Mobile Broadband data usage in megabytes per thirty days (MB/M) for your Open Mobile users.

When you first arrive on the Mobile Broadband Usage page, you will see a Search dialog box.


To initiate a Mobile Broadband Usage Rate report:

  1. In the Search By dropdown menu, select one of the following:
    • All Users for all of your users
    • User ID for a specific user
    • Profile ID for a specific profile.
    • Domain for a specific domain.
  2. After Date Range, click one of the date ranges shown or click the calendar icon to enter a custom date range.
  3. After Connections, click Inherited (for a summary of only connections that Open Mobile inherited from the native connection client) or Client-Initiated (for a summary of only connection that Open Mobile initiated).
  4. Under Total Usage Rate Thresholds, select the range of data usage in megabytes that you would like to view. Changing the range will automatically adjust the definition of low, medium, and high usage.
  5. When you are finished, click Go. You can return to the Search dialog box by clicking on the Search icon in the top-right corner of the Exceptions page.

Usage by Operating System and Usage Rate Distribution Chart

The Operating System pie chart shows what percent of your users are on Windows, Android, or Mac. Within each operating system, you can view what percentage of your users were Roaming.

The Usage Rate Distribution pie chart shows the distribution of users for the date range and usage range you selected. By clicking the Home or Roaming button you can see this data usage on home networks or roaming networks respectively.

Switch View

By clicking the Switch View icon you can see these details in a table.

Mobile Broadband Usage Table

This table will show of your user’s devices over the date range that you chose and it contains the following columns:

  • User ID identifies each user, click the link to see this user’s recent activity.
  • Home Usage is the total data used in the home network for the selected date range.
  • Home Usage Rate is the rate of data usage in the home network per thirty days.
  • Roaming Usage is the total data used in roaming networks for the selected date range.
  • Roaming Usage Rate is the rate of data usage in roaming networks per thirty days.
  • Total Usage Rate is the total Mobile Broadband data used for the selected date range.
  • Total Usage Threshold defines the usage as low, medium, or high depending on the total usage rate threshold you selected.

You can click the Download Report icon in the top-right corner to download a CSV file of this table.

If you are having trouble downloading a report, check your browser settings to make sure downloads are enabled.

Go to: Portal Guide > Reports Tab


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