Mobile Number Management

Open Mobile uses IMSI to identify each Mobile Broadband device, not its phone number. In order for the device to show in some Open Mobile reports, each IMSI must be mapped to its corresponding phone number in the Open Mobile Portal.

To do this, you must upload a properly formatted XML file containing the mappings. An example file is shown here.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

The XML file may contain up to 500 phone numbers. If you need to import more data, please break it up into multiple files, each containing a maximum of 500 phone numbers.

To view mapped phone numbers:

  1. Click Mobile Number Management.
  2. Under Mobile Number Management, click Manage. The existing devices are displayed.

To import new device mappings:

  1. On the Manage Mobile Numbers page, click Import Mobile Nos.
  2. On the Import Mobile Nos. page, in Mobile Nos. File, click Browse, and then select your XML mapping file.
  3. Click Upload File. The device mappings are imported and displayed in the Open Mobile Portal.

If you need to edit existing device mappings, then prepare an XML file with your edited mapping data. Upload the file as if you were importing a new set of device mappings. The edited data will overwrite any existing phone numbers and IMSI data.

Go to: Portal Guide > Configuration Tab


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