Profile Deployment

After testing the profile with selected end users, you can now publish it to production and deploy it.

To publish a profile to production:

  1. On the Configure Profile page, click Publish to Production.
  2. On the Publish to Production page, select, Publish to Production.
  3. Optionally, in Notes, enter any notes you wish to make about the test profile.
  4. Click Publish to Production. The profile status is changed to Production and the profile major version number is automatically incremented.
  5. You can now download an installer file that will install Open Mobile and your profile. Separately, if dial connections are enabled, you can also download the dialer plug-in installer. These installers can be distributed to your users through your preferred software distribution method.
If you are making changes to an existing test profile, once changed to Production status, it will be automatically deployed to the users who have the test profile. Test users need take no action to receive it.

The build process for installers can take some time. Give the process a few moments to complete before attempting to download a newly created installer.

Portal Guide > Configuration Tab > Manage Profiles


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