Proxy Support

Available for: Windows 2.x clients.

You can set proxy server authentication settings for all users of a given profile. The authentication settings passed to a proxy server can be taken from local Windows domain credentials, or from the credentials of an Open Mobile account. (This account can be one for general use, or can be created specifically for proxy authentication.)

If using account credentials (as opposed to local Windows credentials) make sure one or more accounts have been defined in the profile before choosing proxy server settings.

To specify proxy server settings for the profile:

  1. On the Configure Profiles page, next to Proxy Support, click Configure.
  2. Under Authenticate to the proxy using, select one of the following:
    • Local Windows domain credentials: to pass local Windows login credentials to the proxy server.
    • Account credentials: to pass credentials from a general or dedicated Open Mobile account. Then, select the account used.
  3. Under Maximum number of authentications per day, select the number of authentication attempts to the proxy server to be performed in a 24-hour period. (This period is measured from the time of the first authentication attempt.)
  4. Click Save.
In Windows 1.4.x and earlier clients, Open Mobile includes a (non-configurable) ability to authenticate to proxy servers using Windows domain credentials. However, in Windows 2.x clients, in order to authenticate to proxy servers, you must affirm whether to use Windows domain credentials or whether to use separate account credentials. This applies both to new Windows 2.x profiles and to profiles upgraded to Windows 2.x from earlier versions.

Create a New Profile > Configuration Settings > Integration


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