Request Domains

On the Request Domains page, you can submit a request for one or more authentication domains. (Domains are also known as realms.) Typically, different groups within your business organization use different authentication domains. You can choose to have multiple domains to segment user communities, or to display extra information in your iPass Call Detail Records (CDRs).

A domain does not need to be a registered ICANN Internet domain, but it must be unique across all iPass customers. (iPass will verify this after it receives your domain request.)

Once domains are approved by iPass, the domains can be pre-populated in Open Mobile and included in the authentication string that Open Mobile uses to authenticate the user.

An example of an authentication string with a domain would be


Domains can be included in the authentication string as a realm prefix, in which case they are appended to the front of the user name. Although case-insensitive, prefixes are upper case by convention. A prefix must be 3-5 alphabetical characters and followed by a forward slash (for example, ZZZ/). Spaces and @ are not allowed. If a realm prefix is specified here, it will be applied, but it will not be displayed in the client.

Domain Requests

  • The Active Domains list shows the list of your currently active domains.
  • The Domain Requests list shows Pending Requests, Rejected Requests, and Approved Requests.

To request an additional domain:

  1. Click Request Additional Domains.
  2. In Domain Name, enter the name of the domain.
  3. If you wish to include the domain name as a prefix, under Treat as a Prefix?, click Yes.
  4. If you wish to request more than one domain, click Add, and then repeat steps 1 through 3 for each additional domain.
  5. Click Submit. Your domain request is submitted to iPass. Requests for new domains typically receive a response in 1-2 business days.
You may only have one pending request at a time, but you may include any number of domains in that single request. Before making another request, please wait for the first request to be processed.

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