Add User (Auto-Generated Password)

Please ensure you enter the correct CostCenter Code and Username. This will help iPass bill appropriate department within your organization.

1. Fill in the required user details like First Name, Last Name, and Email.

2. The CostCenter Code field makes it possible to export users and view their respective CostCenter fields. They also help group and manage users for billing and reporting purposes. For more information, please visit the Cost Center Management help page.

3. Fill in the user's Home Country (this field is optional).

4. Fill in the Username (the domain will automatically appear based on your account).

5. If appropriate, check the Enable Portal Login box. This option will give the user:

  • ability to connect to the Internet through Open Mobile using their credentials
  • permission to log into the Open Mobile Portal (with those same credentials)
  • ability to be assigned roles by other portal admins in the Open Mobile Portal

6. Click Save.

Go to: RoamServer Users > Add User


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