Rolling Back a Production Profile

Rolling back a production profile will move all users on the profile to a previous version of the profile. You can only roll back the latest version of a production profile to a previous production version. For example, if a profile had production versions 1.000 and 2.000, version 2.000 could be rolled back, but not version 1.000.

The rollback process creates a new version of the selected profile, with all the settings of the profile to which you have chosen to roll back. The new version will be given a version number of <original number>.001 (for example, 2.001), and a status of In Progress. Since you can only have one profile with a status of In Progress, the rolled back profile will replace any profile you currently have in progress.

After rollback, you can manage the profile like any other profile, including editing settings and publishing it to Test.

To roll back a production profile,

  1. Click Configuration | Manage Profiles.
  2. On the list of existing profiles, select the profile you wish to roll back, and then click Manage.
  3. In the Action drop-down, select Roll back to a Previous Production Profile.
  4. An explanatory message is displayed. Under Select Profile Version, select the version of the profile to which you wish to roll back.
  5. Click Continue. The new profile is created.

Go to: Portal Guide > Configuration Tab > Manage Profiles


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