Saved Reports

The User Activity and Devices & Platforms reports have the option to save reports for later viewing. When you click Save for later in the search box, reports are saved on this page.

The list of saved reports includes the following (and can be sorted by any of these columns):

  • Job ID: a number assigned to each saved report.
  • Report: report type (User Activity or Devices & Platforms).
  • Requested by: the user who originally requested the saved report.
  • Requested on: time stamp of when the saved report was originally requested.
  • Status: whether the report is Available, In Progress, In Queue, Failed, or Deleted.

In the Actions column, each report has the following actions available:

  • Download: download an Excel version of the report.
  • View Results: view the report in the browser.
  • View Search: view the original search criteria of the report.
  • Delete: delete the report.

To refresh the list or the status of saved reports, click the blue refresh button in the top-right corner of the page.

Very large User Activity reports (with over about 50,000 records) may not be available for viewing in the browser (View Report may not work), but they can be downloaded by selecting Download in the drop-down list.

If you are having trouble downloading a report, check your browser settings to make sure downloads are enabled.

Go to: Portal Guide > Reports Tab


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