Service Alert Management

The Service Alert Management tool allows you to create, edit, and archive important service alerts.

Service Alert Table

You can filter the table with the following three options: Show All Alerts, Show Open Alerts, and Show Archived Alerts.

Please note that the Archive option will only appear next to alerts that are currently Open.

The Service Alert table consists of the following columns:

  • Service Alert Title: The title displayed in this column also appears on the Dashboard under Service Alerts.
  • Event Start: This column displays when an event (described within a Service Alert Notification) commences and also appears on the Dashboard next to its corresponding alert.
  • Visibility Period: This column lists the time period which a Service Alert will be visible on the Dashboard.
  • Last Modified On: The date a Service Alert was last modified.
  • Last Modified By: Who modified a Service Alert last.
  • Actions: This column displays the Edit and Archive option. Please see the Edit a Service Alert section for more details on what information is available for editing.

Create a New Service Alert

  1. Enter a Title. The title must be less than 200 characters and is required. Remember that the title you create here will appear “as is” on the Dashboard under Service Alerts.
  2. Enter a Description. The description must be less than 4000 characters and is required.
  3. Enter an Event Date Range. Enter the date and time range for the Service Alert you are creating. This date range will be visible in the Service Alert notification.
  4. Enter a Visible Date Range. Enter a date and time range for the Service Alert to be displayed on the Dashboard under Service Alerts.
  5. Choose a Severity level. The current options are Severe, Moderate, and Info. For further details on severity levels, please see our Service Alerts help page.
  6. The Visible to section will automatically have All selected and will be be greyed out.
  7. Place a check mark next to Email notification to subscribers if you want subscribers to receive an email notification about the Service Alert you are creating.
  8. Click the Preview button to review the Service Alert as it will appear when a user clicks on it on the Dashboard.

Edit a Service Alert

You can edit an Open or Archived Service Alert. All of the fields available when creating a Service Alert are open to editing, like:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Event Date Range
  • Visible Date Range
  • Severity
  • Solution
  • Email notification to subscribers

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