User Activity

The User Activity report shows data on user activity within the specified date range. This information can be useful when attempting to troubleshoot a user’s connectivity issues.

The User Activity page displays a Search dialog box.

To initiate a User Activity report:

  1. In the User ID dropdown menu, select one of the following:
    • All User IDs for all of your users.
    • Specify User ID for a specific user.
  2. In the Profile ID dropdown menu, select one of the following:
    • All Profile IDs for all of your profiles.
    • Specify Profile ID for a specific profile.
  3. After Connections, click Inherited (for a summary of only connections that Open Mobile inherited from the native connection client) or Client-Initiated (for a summary of only connection that Open Mobile initiated).
  4. After VPN, click Include VPN Drilldown (slow) (if you want VPN session information included in the User Activity report) or Exclude VPN Drilldown.
  5. After Date Range, click one of the date ranges shown or click the calendar icon to enter a custom date range.
  6. When you are finished, click Go to run the report now or Save for later to send the report to the Saved Report page. You can return to the Search dialog box by clicking on the Search icon in the top-right corner of the User Activity page.

User Activity

This table will show all user activity over the date range that you chose and it contains the following columns:

  • User ID identifies each user.
  • OS is the Operating System on which the client is installed.
  • Platform is the version of the client.
  • Start Time is this session’s start time.
  • Session Length is the length of this session.
  • Status lists if the connection was a success or error.
  • Paid Network shows whether the connection was over a paid network (Yes) or not (No).
  • Network Type is the type of network for this connection (Wi-Fi, Mobile Broadband, Ethernet, etc).
  • Network is the network that provided the connection (if applicable).
  • Region is the region of the network directory (if applicable). Note: the region will not necessarily show the location of the connection, especially if the user connects to a network with an SSID that is in multiple directories.
  • Profile is the Profile ID and Profile Name.
  • Uploaded KB is the amount of data in kilobytes that were uploaded in this session.
  • Downloaded KB is the amount of data in kilobytes that were downloaded in this session.
  • Status Code is the status code reported by the client.
  • Message is the message for the status code reported by the client.
  • Inherited/Initiated shows if the connection was initiated by the Open Mobile client or inherited from another connection client.
  • Access Procedure shows the security type for the network (if applicable).
  • VPN Drilldown will show a VPN Info link with information on the VPN connection (if applicable).

You can click the Download Report icon in the top-right corner to download an Excel spreadsheet of this table.

If you are having trouble downloading a report, check your browser settings to make sure downloads are enabled.

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