View All Order Requests

This feature allows you to view the orders you have placed on behalf of your child accounts.

The View All Order Requests page allows you to view several details on past orders. You can view the following details:

  • Order ID: Clicking on this field will open an Email Details window where you will find information like card information, pricing, commitment, and terms.
  • Requesting Company Name
  • Requestor Email
  • Requestor
  • Target Company
  • Form Type: This column includes Mobile Broadband Card Order, Cancel Services, Cancel Account, Order Additional Services, Re-sign Contract, Add New Account, Set Up Authentication, Confirm Contract Status, and Add New Child Account.
  • Submission Date
  • Email To
  • Email CC
  • Email BCC

You can filter your search by:

  • Date Range
  • Company ID
  • Request Type
    • Mobile Broadband Card Order
    • Cancel Services
    • Cancel Account
    • Order Additional Services
    • Re-sign Contract
    • Add New Account
    • Set Up Authentication
    • Confirm Contract Status
    • Add New Child Account

Go to: Portal Guide > Child Accounts Tab > Manage Child Accounts


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