This section describes features that can be helpful if your users require technical assistance:


The About section features the Send Logs option. Tapping this button will open an email with an attachment of your current logs to your IT Help Desk. For more information on sending logs, please see out Logs sections below.


By tapping the Help option, you have access to informative set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) if you are having trouble connecting to an iPass network.


Support may ask you to send them your logs. You can do this from the About bar.

To send logs:

  1. Open the Settings menu by swiping the three dots at the bottom of the welcome screen.
  2. Tap About.
  3. Tap the SEND LOGS button.
  4. This will automatically launch an email app, with the encoded logs attached to the email. The To field will auto-populate
  5. Tap Send.
Occasionally, a user may receive an error message informing them that their attempt to send a log failed. The problem is the log might be too large to send (at that moment). The user should try to send a log later as Open Mobile is constantly working to reduce the size of logs.

Troubleshooting Tips

These tips may be helpful to users attempting to connect over Wi-Fi.

Failed Connection

On occasion, an association to a Wi-Fi hotspot is successful, but the log in fails because of a timeout or some other error with the hotspot. A weak signal can cause a failed connection and simply moving to a location with a stronger signal may result in a successful connection.

Back-End Infrastructure Issues

Authentication errors can occur if the back-end authentication infrastructure is not available. This could be an outage at the hotspot provider or with your company’s RoamServer or AAA system.

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